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Individual Coachings

Taking your first steps into narration can be daunting, and navigating the industry after beginning can feel overwhelming. Bordeaux V.O. offers individual coachings to help make your entry into the world of audiobook narration the easiest possible. We offer a wide variety of coaching and consultation topics to address any need.

Our Topics

  • Business Coaching
  • Studio Setup and Equipment
  • Software (REAPER) Use
  • Searching for and booking work
  • Auditioning
  • Production
  • Managing your projects
  • Networking and Professional Relationships
  • Performance Coaching
  • Narration Styles
  • Character Voices
  • Professional Sample Creation and Vetting
  • Standard Rate is $40 per 30 minute session, and can address any topic above, or any other questions you might have!

Coaching testimonials

"Jake and Bridget did a fantastic job setting me up as an audiobook narrator. They were so knowledgeable about the art and techniques of audio book narration and they gave me great technical advice on everything from purchasing equipment and software to setting up my studio and addressing the inevitable technical hitches. My success is directly attributable to their support and skill."

Adrianne M

"Book Bordeaux-VO for your private coaching and higher education workshops. Bridget and Jake are consummate trainers, providing expert guidance for novices as well as professionals. Their in-depth, hands-on training, step-by-step instruction, and business-of-the-business coaching, simplifies and articulates the technical, artistic, and business routines necessary for success in the audiobooks industry."

Leslie B

"As an actor and an audiobook lover, I wanted to try my hand at narration. I began coaching with Bridget and Jake. They are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they are also kind, accessible, and patient. They are passionate and enthusiastic in their coaching which aided in my confidence to begin auditioning. Within a couple of weeks after I began to audition, I booked and produced my first audiobook! I could not have done it without them. I know that they are there for me whenever I need them and I will be forever grateful for their support and guidance."

Cami L.

Workshops by bordeaux vo

While our business is built around audiobook production, we feel a responsibility to share knowledge from our training and careers with creatives looking to branch into narration and audiobook work. We emphasize open, honest, and direct communication to give students real-world information about the industry, backed by experience.

We are equipped to teach in classrooms, both individually and as a team, in order to facilitate the best approach for students. We believe in tailoring our approach to the needs of your students to teach them about what audiobook production takes, the paths to access it as a career, and what success looks like from within the industry.

Target Audience

We believe our approach is effective for students of all experience levels and have found success in training individuals across a wide variety of backgrounds.

We are particularly effective for performance-based artists at the university and pre-professional levels looking to inquire about a non-traditional performance medium, expand their skill set, and discover reliable theater-adjacent employment.


Goal 1 : empower attendees to navigate industry-standard employment databases
Goal 2 : equip attendees with resources to assemble a home studio on their budget
Goal 3 : prepare attendees to begin utilizing software in their home studio
Goal 4 : Help attendees gain confidence in the steps to submitting for narration work, including recording and posting samples and the audition process
Goal 5 : assist attendees in creating a ready-to-submit sample
Goal 6 : provide attendees with a resource bank of future training and educational opportunities
Goal 7 : teach Attendees about next steps and techniques they can employ to hone and improve their craft
Goal 8 : familiarize attendees with approachable industry contacts that could lead to future mentorship and coaching
Goal 9 : Encourage Attendees to leave more motivated, grounded, and proficient as an artist
Goal 1 : Attendees are empowered to navigate industry-standard employment databases
Goal 2 : Attendees are equipped with resources to assemble a home studio on their budget
Goal 3 : Attendees are prepared to begin utilizing software in their home studio
Goal 4 : Attendees gain confidence in the steps to submitting for narration work, including recording and posting samples and the audition process
Goal 5 : Attendees leave with a ready-to-submit sample
Goal 6 : Attendees leave with a provided resource bank of future training and educational opportunities
Goal 7 : Attendees are aware of next steps and techniques they can employ to hone and improve their craft within the realm of narration
Goal 8 : Attendees gain an approachable industry contact that could lead to future mentorship and coaching
Goal 9 : Attendees leave more motivated, grounded, proficient as an artist

Agenda And Application

Bordeaux V.O. workshops are based in lecture, discussion, visual/auditory real-life examples, and practicums. Our workshops have proven effective both virtually and in-person, and range from individual coachings to large classroom settings.

Our Topics

Intro to the Biz

  • How the indie audiobook industry began and its current state
  • How we started on our path of narration and key lessons we learned
  • Why narration is a unique and attainable path for the rising performance artist
  • Industry numbers and how to leverage your own experience and training

ACX Breakdown

  • Registration and account creation
  • How to find, vet, and audition for projects
  • How to prepare, post, and optimize samples

Studio and Gear Setup

  • The physics of sound and the needs of an in-home studio space
  • Recommended equipment at various budget tiers, including microphones, connecting devices, and sound proofing

Recording and Editing Techniques

  • Types of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software available
  • Basics of operating and recording within REAPER
  • Hands-on tutorials in producing a track of narrated audio

Author Relationships and Networking

  • Discussion of the differences in auditioning for non-theater/film professionals
  • How to honor working directly with other creatives/authors; “Taking care of someone else’s baby”
  • Symbiotic relationships in narration: starting, fostering, and maintaining long term relationships with your rights holders

Available Workshops

Best for
Fees (not including travel & accommodations)
Guest Speaking with Q&A
(1-2 hours)

Virtual or In-Person
Young learners & non-professionals
Gauging your group’s further interest
Performance-focused underclass level students in a university setting
for one instructor,
for both
One-Day Workshop
(4 hours)
Any level student with a basic degree of completed training in voice and acting techniques
Students who express a specific interest in narration work
Two-Day Workshop
(8 hours)
Upper class-level students with a solid foundation in voice and acting training
Those looking for strategies to navigate their entry into the professional world
Four-Day Intensive
(16 hours)
Upcoming seniors with advanced acting and voice training, including text analysis, cold reading, character voice, and dialect work
Those looking to have an immediate jumping-off point for navigating entry into professional narration
Institutions with readily available recording equipment and studio space
Custom Learning
We are happy to discuss your individual needs and budgets. If you have a specific question or request that is not covered, please get in touch.
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Bordeaux V.O. will supply (as necessary)
“Know-before-you-go” info sheet for Attendees
This document covers any information that is useful for students to know before they enter the classroom, including vocabulary and practices
Personal Computer
Mobile Studio (only for two and four-day workshops)
this studio can be set up in minimal space with only a power adapter, but access to AV equipment for others to observe processes is recommended
Digital Resource Bank for Attendees
All of our resources have additional levels of training that are accessible to students. Part of our instruction process is providing a central point of reference for these resources.
Client will supply
Distribution for Bordeaux-supplied info sheet
Quiet Room of appropriate size
For standard workshops where we are not operating with recording equipment, most standard classrooms will suffice. If we are providing your students with live recording experience and samples, a controlled and quiet environment is key.
Digital display with casting capability/ HDMI
used to Mirror computer screen to large display for attendees
Speakers with playback capability
3.5 mm audio jack connection preferable
Tables & Chairs, Mirrors, Onsite printing
Access to equipment if applicable: recording studio, mics, etc.
If your institution has access to a recording or sound studio space, please provide a list of equipment and room details prior to arrival


While we have specific lessons and modules that we can draw upon, our approach is much more effective as a result of collaboration in order to meet the specific needs of your students. We would love to discuss how we can tailor our instruction to better match your situation.

While the above listed information is representative of our rates and ideology, it is in no way set in stone, nor is it a comprehensive list of all possibilities. Please reach out with questions so we can ensure the best possible experience for you and your students.

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