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How to Book ?>

·       Fill out the interest form

·       Email us at info@bordeauxvo.com to check availability

Reach out ASAP. We’re often booked out up to a year in advance.

2024 Rates ?>

Solo: $325/pfh

Dual: $325/pfh

Duet: $425/pfh

Multicast: $325+/pfh

(pfh = Per Finished Hour/Approximately 9,300 words)

Rates may be subject to change if the project requires additional narrators, sound effects, specialty dialects, significant research, and/or a condensed time frame.

Narration Styles?>

Solo: One narrator narrates the entirety of the book.

Dual: Two narrators. Each narrator records all content in their assigned POV chapters.

(EX: Narrator A reads all female POV chapters and Narrator B reads all male POV chapters.)

 Duet: Two narrators. Each narrator records their assigned POV chapters’ narrative and all assigned characters’ dialogue throughout the book.

(EX: Narrator A records all female POV narrative and assigned female dialogue in other chapters. Narrator B records all male POV narrative and any assigned male dialogue in other chapters.)

 Multicast: Multiple narrators. Each narrator is assigned to narrate for one or more characters’ POV and dialogue throughout the book.

(EX: Narrator A records Jane’s POV narrative and dialogue; Narrator B records John’s POV narrative and dialogue; Narrator C narrates Tim’s POV and dialogue, etc.)


Private Contract: Bordeaux VO provides the contract and delivers final files directly to the Rights Holder to use at their discretion.

Production Company: Authors can request us as narrators through several production companies. (Pink Flamingo Productions, Blue Nose Audio, Podium, Findaway Voices, One Night Stand Studios, Tantor Media, etc.)

 ACX.com: Audiobook distribution through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Recording Process?>

1. Contract is signed. Recording dates are set at this time.

2. Rights Holder provides a manuscript and returns the completed Bordeaux VO character information sheet.

3. The manuscript is prepped for recording and character samples are submitted to the Rights Holder for approval.

4. Primary recording.

5. Editing begins. For duet, this process includes splicing and time consolidation.

6. In-house proofing. Recordings are initially run through proofing software then again with a human proofer.

7. Narrator(s) completes “pick-ups” to fix mistakes found during proofreads.

8. Files are sent to a sound engineer for mastering.

9. Initial files are delivered to the Rights Holder for final proofing.

10. Last round of “pick-ups” are completed and remastered.

11. Final files are delivered to Rights Holder.

Total production time is 5-10 weeks, dependent on length of manuscript.